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TAKUME: Gameplay of The New Pixel Art Game

Takume is a very short point ‘n click pixel art game about a mystic story. Get the game here: This is my very first gameplay, so please like it and give me some motivation to make new gameplays! I also created a list of the

pixel art

How to Draw Pixel Art Like a Boss

A week ago I decided to make a game with my best friend and we knew right from the beginning that it should have pixel art graphics. A lot of indie developers who want to create pixel art graphics in their game have no idea


How to Encrypt and Secure Your Digital Life

Why Should We Care About Encryption? Most of us, don’t care about our data being collected by other companies while we surf the Internet, chat with friends or use our gadgets in general. People often think that only hackers use encryption and associate it with

create infographics

How to Create Infographics Easily

In this article I want to show you one great tool to create awesome infographics easily and without any advanced skills needed. What Is an Infographic? Nowadays, we use infographics all over the Internet. An infographic is an illustration that is used to visually explain

The Ultimate WordPress Optimization Guide

The Ultimate WordPress Optimization Guide

Did you know that your website can run up to 10 times faster? It’s not a joke, we made it, so can you! In this WordPress Optimization Guide I will show you some simple steps to speed up your WordPress website. What Affects Performance? First of all,