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How to Draw Pixel Art Like a Boss

A week ago I decided to make a game with my best friend and we knew right from the beginning that it should have pixel art graphics. A lot of indie developers who want to create pixel art graphics in their game have no idea how to start. So, in this guide I will show you how to draw pixel art like a boss!

First of all, let’s clarify one simple thing: pixel art is not a form of excuse that you don’t want to spend much time on creating graphics for your game! Creating awesome pixel art which people will love takes a LOT of time, so don’t do it, if you think it will be much faster! Only the amount of time you have spent will show you the quality of your graphics!

We All Love Great Pixel Art!

Let’s take a look at some really beautiful examples of great pixel art.

1. Get Inspired!

Before you start to draw pixel art, you should find some work that inspires you. The best way to do it, is to search on Pinterest for pixel art. Also, take a look at Gustavo Viselner’s portfolio on Behance. You will definitely love his work!

2. Start With Small Things

Before you start with a complete landscape scene, you should try to create small game assets. After you learn some techniques, you can jump over to creating characters. However, if you create large scenes, you should also start with one small piece and then expand it.

3. Stick to Color Palettes

Firstly, you should choose your style and then try to pick appropriate colors for that style. For example, I have created a cyberpunk character in cyberpunk style. I have chosen following color palette:

pixel art

Then I have changed some colors, so it looks more original. But don’t use too much colors! It will mess up your style!

pixel art

This will be the main character of my future game that I’m currently creating with my best friend. Please, do not distribute without our permission

**Please, do not distribute this image without our permission. It is only a draft and it could be changed!

4. Add Shadows

Shadows are extremely important, if you are creating pixel art. Shadows will add some depth to your image.

pixel art

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