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Best iOS Apps (iPad & iPhone) to Download Right Now!

There are a lot of great apps you have never heard about, because there are too many of them! We have selected the best iOS apps which you should download right now! This list is based on our own opinion and rating.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Best iOS Apps

OneNote is an ultimate note taking app. It allows you to create digital notebooks where you can add class notes, images, draw or create to-do lists on the go. OneNote also syncs your notes with all your devices.

2. Todoist

best ios apps

Todoist is a simple to-do list manager. It allows you to create to-do lists fast and share them effortlessly. Todoist is also available for Web, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

3. Slack

best ios apps

Slack is a messaging app for teams. You can easily share your files within the app and services including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more are already integrated into the app.

4. Instapaper

best ios apps

Instapaper is a very simple app for saving articles for reading offline with a beautiful minimalist design

5. LastPass

best ios apps

LastPass is an ultimate solution for those who often forget their passwords where you can store all your passwords safely and encrypted. Also, LastPass helps you to generate strong passwords.

6. Hyper

best ios apps

With Hyper you don’t  have to spend hours on YouTube finding an entertaining video. Hyper shows you only the best hand-picked videos on the internet. Just check it out, you will love it!

7. Procreate


Procreate is the best sketching, painting and illustration app for artists who want to draw on their iPads or iPhones.

8. Kitchen Stories

best ios apps

This app has best recipes. This is almost like a social network for food! There are video tutorials, reviews, etc.

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