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Hybrid Mobile App Development Tutorial with Crosswalk

Hybrid Mobile App Development is easy!

Hello guys! I decided to make some tutorial videos on how to create your own hybrid mobile app with Crosswalk Project. Hybrid Mobile App development is really easy if you know HTML, CSS and Js, you just need some right tools for it. At the end of all tutorials you will be able to create  a professional hybrid mobile app with beautiful material user interface. In this tutorials I will use Material Design Lite framework for creating the user interface.

hybrid mobile app development

Material Design Lite Framework:

Hybrid Mobile App Development Tutorial with Crosswalk | Getting Started

In this tutorial I will show you how to configure your computer and how to install Crosswalk Project.

Download Links

Java Development Kit:…
Apache Ant:
Android SDK:…

CMD Commands

Launch Android SDK Manager:

Install crosswalk-app-tools:
npm install -g crosswalk-app-tools

Verify installation:
crosswalk-app check android

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