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Cloud Gaming: High-End Gaming PC in Every Device!

Hello guys! In this post I want to tell you something about cloud gaming and how could it be the best thing ever for those who don’t have a gaming pc or a console.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

So, you have your laptop, Android smartphone, Mac or Linux machine that isn’t powerful enough to run some serious games or any other type of software. But, imagine you could run it somewhere else and then stream the video and audio to your device. And exactly this is called Cloud Gaming.

How Does It Work?

You will have to install a client software on your machine to be able to connect to the company’s servers which provides you their service. After that you can install your games or any other software on your cloud computer. To play games you can use any input method you want: keyboard, joystick, gamepad. One thing that you should have is a stable internet connection.

How to Get Started?

There are a lot of cloud gaming services, but one of them is called LiquidSky. Nvidia is also offering their service called GeForce NOW. In my opinion LiquidSky has a lot more potential, because the pricing of GeForce NOW is way to high. They are offering 20 hours of gaming for 25$. And if you are playing a game like The Witcher 3 which has about 100 hours of gameplay then it would cost you about 125$! On the other hand, we have LiquidSky which promises us that there will be a free plan. Isn’t that awesome!

cloug gaming liquidsky

LiquidSky pricing:

Unfortunately, both LiquidSky and GeForce NOW are now in Early Access which means that you have to be invited by the company to be able to test it.

In this article I will tell you about LiquidSky, because I don’t have access to GeForce NOW. So, I really wanted to try LiquidSky and there was a giveaway. I entered it and I won a beta key. Well, this was my first giveaway where I actually won something 😉

Here is also a LiquidSky trailer:

I also made a YouTube video about LiquidSky and how well it performs. Please, support me and like it, subscribe it or comment it. I would really appreciate that!

LiquidSky: Supported Platforms

After receiving my beta key I immediately downloaded LiquidSky for my Windows computer. LiquidSky is also available for Mac, Linux and Android.

cloud gaming liquidsky

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

LiquidSky: The Windows Client

I really liked the client. It was user friendly and easy to set up. You just had to log in with your account and then create a new SkyComputer.

cloud gaming liquidsky

Login screen (Login Details were blurred)

cloud gaming liquidsky

Create a new SkyComputer

cloud gaming liquidsky

You can also select you data center location

cloud gaming liquidsky

Here you can choose your performance plan

And here is finally the Windows Desktop:

cloud gaming liquidsky

LiquidSky Windows Desktop

LiquidSky: Performance

cloud gaming liquidsky

Benchmark result with 3DMark

I would say that the result is pretty amazing, because my laptop with Intel Core i7 and Intel HD Graphics scored only 1500 points. I also didn’t notice any lags while playing around with LiquidSky.

The Conclusion

Cloud Gaming is the future of gaming industry. There are a lot of people who can’t afford a gaming pc, but still want to play new games. These services will gain a lot of popularity in the future, because it’s what most of people really need!

That’s it! I hope that you liked my article! Please, support me and share this article with your friends! I would also like to hear your thoughts on cloud gaming in the comments section below!

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